“What Might Have Been”

Have you ever wondered how your life would be if you never broke up after high school? What if they never moved away. What if you were not so scared and told them how you really felt about them? What if you would have just said: ” I love you”. How would your life be if you would have just said ” Yes” when they asked you.

We all have ” What might have been” moments some just impact our lives differently. Some we can let go of, some we see as a lesson, some we can just forget, and some “What might have been’s” eat us alive. We think about them when we hear a song, or smell a certain smell, as we drive through the town that we met them, or we see their family or friends. When you cannot forget all the long and meaningful talks you had. The ones that you shared your most intimate feelings and fears, all your hopes, and dreams.

Do we push our feelings under the rug and act like they do not matter? Do we break up because our parents and friends tell us “Oh, you guys won’t last after High School!” Do we believe them when they say “It is only puppy love.” Do we tell them “No, please don’t move?” Do we follow them to chase their dreams, when it scares us? Better yet…do we finally just tell them how we really feel? Do we tell them that they are the one person in this whole world who truly knows us? That we don’t want them to leave! Do we tell them that we love them more than we ever thought was possible? That we can not imgagine our life without them in it? Do we move on with our life hoping we did not make the biggest mistake of our lives?

I sit here thinking of all my “What Might Have Been’s”. Now I know what I should have done, and now it is too late.